Nola “Tina has been styling my hair for almost 15 years and I don’t know what I’d do without her. I trust her implicitly and love that I can walk into her salon, sit down in the chair after a hard day at work, and just relax, letting her work her magic. I walk out of her salon after each visit feeling rejuvenated and so good about myself and the way I look! She’s amazing!!!”
Matt “I used to go to a chain barber shop, but I always felt rushed and uncomfortable when I was there. I started having Tina cut my hair about 2 years ago, and my comfort level is back up! The atmosphere is very nice and laid back. I would recommend her to anyone!”
Ginger “After experiencing a traumatic hair mishap over 8 years ago. I came to Tina with extremely short hair, something I was not accustom to considering my hair was always past my shoulders. She sat me down and not only sympathized with me but started my long trek back to healthy hair. She not only helped reconstruct what was left of my hair but she also taught me about the hair extensions that she individually bonds to small sections of hair. I’ve been hooked ever since. Words can’t express the passion she has for her craft, and how truly talented she is. 8 years later I’ve not only gained a fantastic hairstylist but a great friend. She’s always been willing to go the extra mile to make me, as well as her other clients, feel beautiful inside and out. I recommend her again and again to all my friends.”
Shelley “I wanted to drop a line to you all about Tina and my personal experience since I recently became a client. Tina was highly recommended by a good friend, who happens to be another established and reputable hairstylist. He helped me make the connection, after learning of my search for a particular process not easily found here in Madison. My consultation immediately put me at ease with the information she provided, as well as her warm and personable style. Shortly after, I sat down in her chair for a fantastic day of transformation (and conversation). Tina has surpassed my expectations and has restored a self confidence that has long been lacking in my day to day, nights on the town..and primarily, on the stage, where I spend much of my time as a professional musician. Her creativity, knowledge and skill.. as well as her eye for individual style to compliment her unique clientele is just incredible. I highly recommend her impeccable work for all of your hairstyle needs. From a cut and color, to high quality extensions, Tina will no doubt, have you returning time and time again for the latest in cutting edge hair design. Thank you Tina!”